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Stay salty

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

By: Jenny White

“Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.”

Mark 9:50

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I can be a very blunt person. I tell things how they are and for that I have been called “salty” a time or two…or more. But what does being salty really mean? The bible defines salt differently.

During ancient times, salt was very valuable. People often paid with salt which is where we got the word ‘salary’ (pretty neat right?). There was even this thing called a salt covenant used to seal promises as a sign of friendship and peace. So for Jesus to call us the “salt of the earth” is a pretty big deal (Matthew 5:13). Out of all the things in creation, WE are His most prized possession. I find that pretty incredible. God made the mountains, the oceans, and the galaxies, but of everything in this life, he looked at you and called you the most beautiful.

So then why do we catch ourselves in this cycle of negative self-talk and comparison? I think it’s super easy to fall into these thoughts when life changes or becomes uncertain (which if I’m being honest, has been my experience as a college student thus far). But guess what girlies?! You are a child of God—A princess of a King—perfectly created in His Image (Genesis 1:27). We have this confidence because Jesus laid down his life on the cross for us. I know you know this already, but I also know that hearing it from someone else is super important.

I ran cross country for years, and our team had to remind each other of this truth constantly. The thing about running, is that it’s a mental game. We talk to ourselves more than any other person, constantly having a million thoughts racing through our minds directing our days. For that reason, my coach would always tell us, ‘your mind will fail before your body will’. So before every meet we would say—or scream—what we called “the quote.” It went like this:

‘I am a strong, confident, and powerful woman. I need these qualities to be the best runner and human being I can be. I will not permit anyone to stand in the way of achieving my dreams. Whatever my mind can conceive and believe, I can achieve.’

So here I am to remind you that you are a strong, confident, and powerful woman of God! But now it’s your turn to remind yourselves. This New Year, write on your mirror three truths about who God says you are. I challenge you every day to read them aloud to yourself. If your roommate thinks you’re crazy, tell them you’re crazy about Jesus!! Whatever this year brings you, understand your value cannot be shaken. Not by your grades, not by a boy, not by your situation, not by a stupid decision. You are who God says you are. You are the salt of this earth, and salt is good (Mark 9:50).

But salt is not only known for being valuable. It has a purpose to fulfill—just as we do!  As we know, saltwater can be used for healing wounds, cuts, or acne. Salt also adds flavor and preserves food hence why your Campbell's chicken noodle soup can stay on the pantry shelf forever and still taste delicious! I tell you this because as Christians we are called to bring flavor to life—purifying and sanctifying this wounded world by being salt to it. So Ladies, Stay Salty and continue to thirst for God’s goodness this year.

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