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Are you apart of the Panhellenic Council?

We are not apart of the Panhellenic Council. We hold our recruitment separate from the sororities at UF who are members of the Panhellenic Council. 

Can I rush Theta Alpha if I rushed Panhellenic or am currently in a Panhellenic sorority?

Since we are not apart of the Panhellenic council, you are able to rush Theta Alpha if you've rushed Panhellenic or are currently a member of a Panhellenic chapter.

Do I need a recommendation to rush Theta Alpha? 

No recommendations are required to receive a bid into our sorority. 

Do I need to move in early to rush Theta Alpha? 

Our recruitment typically happens the first week of classes, so you do not need to move in early to rush Theta Alpha.

Do I need to be at every night of rush in order to receive a bid?

Interview night is the only night of rush that is required to be eligible to receive a bid. All of the other nights are great opportunities to meet sisters and learn more about our ministry, so we hope you'll join us!

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