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In the Fall of 2005, Laurie Bailey set out to establish a Christian Sorority on the campus of the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fla.


After working with the University of Florida chapter of another pre-existing national Christian Sorority, Laurie was able to communicate with the national office; however, for one reason or another, the chapter was not able to be established.

Laurie did not give up hope and in the Spring of 2006, with the help of the Theta chapter of Kappa Upsilon Chi at the University of Florida, Laurie set out to start a new sorority all together. Laurie prayed about the decision and decided that God was pushing her to prayerfully begin a new Christian sisterhood.


With help from the Theta chapter of Kappa Upsilon Chi, Laurie set out to write out the rituals, constitutions, infrastructure, accountability guidelines and the other necessary components for national organization.


At this time, curiosity began to grow in the hearts of several girls about starting Theta Alpha at the University of Florida.

Caroline Burns, a junior at the University of Florida, worked with Laurie and the Alpha and Beta chapters were established that April. FSU held initiation on April 20, 2006 when they initiated their eleven charter members and four officers from the University of Florida. On April 28, 2006, UF held their own initiation for their two remaining officers and five charter members.


Laurie Bailey, Caroline Burns, Kristen Rupert, Lindsey Soulis, Beth Cordova, and Kaitlin Griffiths are recognized as founders of Theta Alpha at the national level.


In its first year of existence, the Beta chapter held two rounds of recruitment and initiated eighteen in the Fall of 2006 and eighteen in the Spring of 2007.



Since our establishment in 2006, Theta Alpha has continued to grow into a well-established community at the University of Florida. We rely on our members to become leaders and carry on our tradition for the next generation of Christian women.

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