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A LETTER TO OUR SENIORS: god isn't done with you yet

Hey sisters! Carla Nav. here & welcome back to the devo’s page! This week, I’ve just felt very encouraged by the Lord to write a letter to my seniors.

Of course, this is for everyone, but I wanted to place a special emphasis on my senior sisters. While I myself am only a sophomore at this point in time, I still want to share what’s been put on my heart for you all. My bottom line for this little read is this: God is not done with you.

I know that in more ways than one, it really feels as though this semester is over. That three weeks ago, we had all had some sort of “normal”. But guys, God is in the midst of your season. He has already gone before you. He is walking beside you. I think some of you feel as though God has just put you & your lives on hold. Let me tell you that God is working. He is working in this midst of all of this chaos and unknown. He did not bring you this far, to have worked this hard, and have started all of this good to end your semester as such.

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Phil 1:6. Do me a favor and read that again. God is not done. He is not done with you. He does not desire for you to throw in the towel. In fact, you’re not allowed to give up until God says so. You have all you need to walk in the will of God. He sees your hurt. Your pain is valid. You are seen. God is trying to teach every single one of us something. Nothing is wasted. This season may seem bleak but know the battle has already been won. Every situation is made to glorify God.

Be a vessel for others to see Christ in this season. You may be the only Bible people ever read and it seems to me it is THIS season in which people need to draw to Christ more and more. I encourage you to refresh your soul, find a new challenge, seek FIRST the kingdom of God, put the phone down first thing in the morning, and journal 5 things you’re grateful for.

God desires to grant us joy. It is not in God’s will to live and remain in any form of anxiety, frustration or confusion. So seek FIRST the kingdom of God & move. Move now. I really feel like someone needs to repeat that, write it down and say it aloud. You have permission to MOVE. Move mentally, move on, move around physically, move around, whatever it is. Lose the complacency. God is not done with you. There is still so much more He needs to do. So MOVE. I love you ladies to the moon and back. I am here and open to any prayer requests. -Carla Nav.

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